For several weeks, the worst-kept secret involving Idaho politics circulated from newsrooms to the statehouse hall. Several very close staffers to Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador were resigning. The media only covered it once we first brought it to you Thursday morning.

The news media and the many enemies of the crime-fighting attorney general will explain that this is another example of Attorney General Labrador being out of touch with mainstream Idaho.

Idahoans elected the attorney general to represent them. During his brief time in office, he's taken on the state's health and welfare department, the University of Idaho, Planned Parenthood, the Biden Administration, the state supreme court, and Republicans who want open primaries. In other words, he has a lot of enemies.

Going up against various institutions is not easy in the best of times; however, that is what the former congressman pledged to do when running for office. He continues to attack the status quo, which scares the powers in government and the lobbying class.

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The challenge may be too great for the folks pursuing other employment avenues. Not everyone responded to Vince Lombardi or General Patton. I'm sure it was not an easy decision for Theo Wold, Chief of Staff Tim Frost, Lincoln Wilson, and Beth Cahill to leave the fight.

The Media Piles On

It didn't take long for the local print publications to point out to the turnover in the attorney general's office.

From the Idaho Press:

'The office has seen its share of new faces since Labrador took office; the Idaho Press reported that more than 20 staff members left after Labrador defeated longtime incumbent Lawrence Wasden in the 2022 primary election.

After the transition, other employees have left, including six of eight deputy attorneys general assigned to the Department of Health and Welfare, the Idaho Capital Sun reported in May.' ​​

Here's the headline from the Idaho Statesman: 

Turnover under Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador continues. High-ranking officials resign

Despite what his critics may say, the work of the crime fighting attorney general continues and we all should support his efforts. I'm sure he could use some additional help if you have some free time to make a difference.

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