It's mid-March, and the Idaho Legislature continues to try to pass legislation before adjourning for the year. The current year has seen an eclectic mix of legislative wins, ranging from a law that punishes Fentanyl users to a bill protecting homeowners from property theft and other bills that continue to gain attention.

As we have documented here, there has yet to be a significant effort to work on reducing the property tax burden of Idaho homeowners. If one were to seek to award one of the most talked about proposals, it would be a continued attempt to pass another library bill.

Proponents of this legislation have detailed numerous adult-themed books that they call pornography in the children's section of local libraries. The Meridian Library District was engulfed in a controversy involving inappropriate books in their children's session.

Another bill that is being vigorously discussed is a bill that would prevent the Idaho National Guard from being deployed if Congress doesn't declare war.


We continue to hope that the legislators will keep their promise to eliminate the grocery tax. There is still time in the session, and we'll keep you posted if there is an attempt to repeal it.

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