The Idaho Legislature is not over. It's unusual for the session to go this long, considering it's an election year. Our politicians pride themselves on being a part-time legislature. Most elected officials are anxious to return home for good, along with campaigning at the May Primary looms.


Given the state's Republican Party's dominance, Idaho's primary is not just a preliminary round but the general election itself. The upcoming primary season is anticipated to be the most expensive in our state's history, a clear indication of the stakes involved. The funds will be directed toward the precinct, representative, and senate levels, shaping the future of our political landscape.

The precinct committee will determine the next leader of the Republican Party. Dorothy Moon, the current chairman, is seeking reelection. Her critics have organized a well-funded opposition campaign.

The state chairman is an unpaid and thankless job.


The session has seen many bills addressing social issues. Some folks believe that property tax reform and the elimination of the state's grocery were not discussed this year.

We'll continue to monitor the session and update you on this story as it develops. We'll also provide continuing coverage of the upcoming Republican primary season within the Treasure Valley and the rest of our great state.


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