Idaho will bury a hero Tuesday at law enforcement from around the country, honoring Ada County Deputy Tobin Bolter, who was killed in the line of duty. The twenty-seven-year-old died too young, leaving behind a pregnant wife. The memorial service begins at the Ford Idaho Center at 3 pm Tuesday. You can find out how to honor Deputy Bolter here. 

A career in law enforcement is unforgiving, even in a pro-law enforcement state like Idaho. Years ago, the popular media, television, newspapers, and radio supported law enforcement. The police community has been through challenging times in the last ten years. 

#5 Law Enforcement

We all remember the riots and the defund the police movement. (Have you ever wondered what happens when you defund the police? Look at the lawlessness in big cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland.)

In the 1970s, the country experienced a period of antiheroes in movies like Billy Jack and Dirty Harry. This was a natural reaction to the Vietnam War, which divided the country. Another issue was the Civil Rights movement, which was amplified by the media.

YouTube/Idaho News 6
YouTube/Idaho News 6

Today, there is a war on law enforcement playing out in cities across our great country. There are fewer and fewer people who want to be police officers these days. Politicians have turned on law enforcement officers passing legislation eroding their authority and opening them up to civil litigation. 

Boise Police Chief Ron Winegar
YOUTUBE /city of boise

Politicians continue to go after the law enforcement community citing the tragic death of George Floyd. However, their are millions of community committed police officers who do the right thing everyday. Those who do not enforce or abuse the law are held responsible. 

Beauan Maltby
Beauan Maltby

Please take the time to say a prayer for Deputy Bolter's family and all of law enforcement who protect us. They truly do protect and serve and we thank them for their service. May God Bless all of law enforcement and their families. 

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