Could this be the moment when the unwavering spirit of Boise State football fans is finally rewarded? How many seasons have passed since America's beloved underdog last represented the Group of Five in the New Year's Six? For those keeping track, it was back in 2014, when then-Coach Bryan Harsin led the team to a triumphant 38-30 win over the University of Arizona. 

Coach Harsin, a figure of stability, led the program until disagreements with the administration led him to leave for Auburn. His departure, and the subsequent arrival of coach Andy Avalos, marked a significant shift for the team, resulting in a loss of two starting quarterbacks, three offensive coordinators, and a loss of national prominence. The term, 'Boise State back in the day,' has become standard on ESPN's College Gameday, underscoring the changes that have taken place.

YouTube / KTVB
YouTube / KTVB

This football season marks the beginning of a new era with the introduction of the twelve-team college football playoff. The Group of Five will have one representative, the highest-ranked team at the end of the season. In the past, the window of opportunity was slim for any team not in the Power Five to make the four-team playoff. This new format opens up exciting possibilities for teams like Boise State.

Although it may be the offseason, CBS Sports has picked Boise State to be the team to make the college football playoff. The Broncos edge out Liberty, Memphis, Appalachian State, Tulane, UTSA, Miami Ohio, Toledo, South Florida, and UNLV.

Boise State's 2024 schedule is challenging, with games against Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, and Mountain West teams. These games, particularly the matchups with [specific team], will be crucial in determining the team's performance and potential success this season. If the team excels under their new coach, the sky is the limit for Bronco Nation. 

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