In a world of defunding the police and other critics of law enforcement, it's refreshing to report the heroic service of local law enforcement. Have you ever what would happen if you missed a curb in the middle of the night or the early morning, lost control of your vehicle, and ended up in a frozen pond? No, that's not the work of fiction writers. That's what happened this morning around 6 am to a fifty-one-year-old female.

According to the Ada County Sheriff's Facebook, the SUV lost control, hit a berm, and then went over the curb and spun onto the ice-covered pond at the corner of Eagle and Pine. The vehicle began to sink as the ice cracked due to the weight of the black SUV. Fortunately for everyone involved, Ada County Deputy Dylan Sklar saw the car lose control as it happened.  

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He called in for backup and was on his way to try to save the trapped driver when Deputy Sean Dalrymple arrived on the scene. Both deputies took off their gear jumping into the frozen pond. 

From Ada County:  'Once they arrived, they were able get the woman out of the SUV. They had to pull her out of the window. They also quickly figured out she was alone. So they each hooked on to the woman and swam her back to shore.' 

Ada County Paramedics arrived on the scene treating the woman for shock and other medical issues associated with the cold weather. At the time of the accident, the temperature was 23 degrees—no word on how cold it was in the water.  

A huge thank you from the community to these two and all officers in law enforcement who continue to protect and serve our community.    

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