Idahoans are already counting the days when they will be camping, golfing, fishing, and engaging in other outdoor activities. Despite the rain, the winter and legislative season has just about wrapped up. With the end of the session, the state's primary season will begin, which means we're about to see more mailers, text messages, and even television commercials telling us who has been good and bad.

Perhaps you're thinking, what's the big deal? Politicians spend money all the time to run for office. However, Idaho's political season will be one of the most costly campaigns in state history. Idaho's Republican Party is so big that there are two or as many as five competing factions vying for control.

Before the completion of the session, the state party chairwoman took to social media to declare a warning to all Republicans. She took to X to share her thoughts on the upcoming primary battles. You can see hear her comments below.


The real fight will be at the precinct committee men's level. These individuals are responsible for who leads the state party. Two years ago, Dorothy Moon defeated Tom Luna and ushered in a more Conservative and activist era.

We've been told money has been raised for folks who want her replaced. The upcoming primary battle will determine if Republicans are comfortable with her leadership or wish to return to how things used to be in Idaho.


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