Idaho Governor Brad Little is known for his candor, humor, wit, and being a pragmatic Republican governor. Governor Little has resisted the efforts to engage in hyperbole or join the cable news televised fight club. Some Idahoans have expressed their frustration with Governor Little's leadership style.

However, a dispute involving the governor's alma mater, the University of Idaho, and three Democratic liberal East Coast senators has brought out the governor's fighting Vandal spirit. Senators Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts, Dick Durbin, Illinois, and Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut, have gone public urging the University of Idaho not to acquire the assets of the University of Phoenix.

Beauan Maltby
Beauan Maltby

The senators say Idaho could be on the hook for defaulting student loan payments in the millions. Idaho's congressmen and senators have not responded to the Democrats, however Governor Little held nothing back in defending the University of Idaho.

A quick look at Governor Little's Idaho

Brad Little's four years as governor.

"Your states rank the highest in the nation for the cost of higher education while Idaho ranks among the lowest, and our new LAUNCH grants invest directly in our students and make education and training for “real world” in-demand jobs even more accessible for our graduating high school seniors."

"Idaho is safe. We have the strongest economy in the nation. We have cut more taxes per capita than any other state, and we’re the least regulated of all 50 states. People are flocking to Idaho while residents of your states are leaving in droves. I would be happy to share with you our recipe for success since your own states need help in reducing crime and lowering taxes."

"While Idaho ends every budget year with a surplus, the federal government is careening toward a fiscal cliff with $32 trillion in debt, and it appears we’re headed for another federal government shutdown in the coming weeks.

"Perhaps you should focus your attention away from Idaho and do your job by passing a responsible federal budget so our government can function properly."

"If you spent as much time focused on securing the U.S.-Mexico border as you did the University of Idaho, we would have fewer drugs pouring into our country.

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