If the photo above doesn't go viral, who knows what causes something to become an overnight sensation? As reported last week here, Oregon has decided to name the potato their official vegetable. Idaho Governor Brad Little took to social media, where he was joined by Utah Governor Spencer Cox, defending the Gem State's position as America's potato state. 

As you can see from the photo above, Governor Little has plenty of backup against the upstarts from Oregon as he's surrounded by Idaho's favorite potato protector, Spuddy Buddy. 

The governor is getting a massive response from critics and supporters. Let's share with you a few of the more creative comments.


JS: But what are you doing about the secret meeting with Gavin Newsom and the Boise Dems trying to turn Idaho into California? You best be on top of this!

Wesley: We better come up with ways to stop incentivizing our farmers to sell their land for housing developments and strip malls.

Lorin: So out of touch. It's just sad. As our nation and state are in a fight for the very essence of what it is to be American, you're talking about spuds.......wow, just wow.

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance: Both sides think your stupid fight with Oregon is a waste of time. Still no comment on what the Idaho Supreme Court did to the 2nd Amendment in Idaho? No, you'd rather post a picture with a bunch of stuffed potatoes. Call a special session now!

Scott: Isn’t the suger beet our number 1 crop?

Erik: Well that cant happen cause oregon does it better and pays better and treats there labor workers beyter

Idaho Potato Commission: So great to see our Governor spending some time with our new rec-ROOTS back home!

Mateo: Good thing student debt wasn’t relieved! Would have ruined your playdate!

Holly: Not your best work, team Brad. ;)
Still love ya!

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