Idaho Governor Brad Little has joined several Republican governors successfully winning reelection. Despite several vocal critics of his leadership, the governor received more than sixty percent of the vote. The governor now has the task of mending fences with his primary and general election opponents for the good of the state.

The 2022 Idaho election results have caused many Idahoans to take to talk radio and social media to complain about his win. Some have questioned the credibility of the voting process, while others continue to criticize him personally. 

With the fallout of the election still an important topic of conversation, we'd share some more entertaining comments with you. 

Robert on Facebook said, "Because the media, in Idaho is horrible. They are not honest. They only represent big corporate interests. Big pharma and the good old boys club.

Little has his dirty little IACI financed fingers in everything. He should have ran as a Democrat because that's how he acts"

While Will added, Democrats registered as Republicans to vote for the "one they can work with" in the primaries. Bundy had a great message, but his personal life got him too far ahead of his skis and he couldn't recover.

Paul shared, I want an audit, I don't trust voting machines in any state.

Delora said, No!

Jan said, He won by 61%. Are you saying that 61% of Idaho voters are wrong? So sad

Mike added, 20% of the total voting population voted against him, and 50% of the people that voted for him didn’t vote for him, they only voted against a Democrat so they wouldn’t split the conservative vote.

We'll continue to update your comments from Facebook; let's review what Twitter folks say about the governor's reelection.

Idaho Election Results

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