This week the world celebrated International Women's Day. Social media was filled with beautiful praises of women and their importance in our society. I began to ask the question, is there equal time for men? Is there an International Man's Day?

International Men's Day is on November 19th, but does anyone celebrate men on that day? Sadly, men are usually not given the same elevation as the day for women. If you mention the lack of equal time for men, most folks will laugh at you. However, we live in a world where a lack of appreciation for men can lead to tragic consequences.

It's time that we honor the great works of men, and we do women. Our state could lead the nation in creating an official state day for men. I know most men will not embrace this idea for fear of being ridiculed by the progressives. So we will do it for them; let's make it official.

Governor Little, please declare a day celebrating men in Idaho and America. The governor has the power to make this day a reality. We've got days that celebrate everything in this state, why not a day to signify men in our society?

Cindy told us, "They are just maligned and defeated and criticized; the dating is a problem, the criticism is a problem; I have at least nine friends and relatives who've lost sons, not daughters."

"Women are wonderful, and I'm not saying there not, but it's become unbalanced in the last few years terribly; it's worse than it's ever been.

Men will look right at you and tell you they've made you angry; women will stab you in the back."

We hope this article is the beginning of a pro men movement in our state and beyond. Thank you to all men, we honor you here!

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