Governor Brad Little issued a statement that the state will appeal a decision by the controversial Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The state has gone to the U.S. Supreme Court of an order that says Idaho taxpayers will have to pay for Idaho inmate Adree Edmo with sex-reassignment surgery.

The governor shared his thoughts in a written statement, “At my direction, the State of Idaho has filed the necessary petitions with the U.S. Supreme Court to appeal the Ninth Circuit’s ruling requiring Idaho to pay for an inmate’s sex-reassignment surgery. The Ninth Circuit’s decision goes against the text and original meaning of the Eighth Amendment and contradicts more than four decades of Supreme Court precedent. We will vigorously litigate the Ninth Circuit’s unprecedented ruling at the Supreme Court because the taxpayers of Idaho should not have to pay for a procedure that is not medically necessary,” Governor Little said.

Additionally, the state also filed an application to stay (or pause) the district court’s order requiring surgery pending the appeal.

“I am confident the Supreme Court will find the Ninth Circuit is once again outside the judicial mainstream. I wish to thank Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and his deputies for their work. Our two offices have worked together to defend the taxpayer and the Constitution in this case,” Governor Little said.

The inmate is serving time for his/her conviction in 2011 for sex assaulting a young man reports Idaho Press.  The case has and will continue to gain national publicity.  We'll continue to update the story as it develops.


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