The Russian-Ukraine War has claimed the life of an Idahoan who was killed fighting for Ukraine. Initial social media reports said the Dane Partridge was in a coma following being hit by Russian shrapnel. The Daily Beast reported that he was from Idaho and he was a father.

He left Idaho for Ukraine in April, sharing with his friends and family on social media that he was comfortable with his decision. He asked his friends and family to buy supplies like body armor to help keep him safe while fighting the Russians. Mr. Partridge requested his friends and family for help paying for his airfare to join the fight.

The Facebook Page 'honoring Dane Partridge' details his flight from Idaho to Seattle to Portland. Friends and family have begun to leave tributes to the man the Ukrainians called bird. Here is his last post from Facebook.

Another post describe Mr. Partridge's contribution sacrifice from those who knew him best.

"We have just been informed that Dane aka Bird has passed away while still being on life support. I know his soul has found peace.
He was always good for a joke, witty banter and the occasional serious conversation. He stayed true to his faith and spiritual convictions till his dying days.
While in Ukraine he messaged me occasionally to let me know he missed his children and wife something fierce.
He was a fine soldier who fought with valor and bravery on the battlefield. We have been told that he was known to be at the front of his team leading his men as he would never ask his men to do anything that he wasn't willing to do.
Our lives have forever been changed by this stalwart man. "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend." We love you and will miss you so much brother!"
He was from Rexburg, Idaho. You can read about his military career here as he was recognized as the 'veteran of the month.'
Folks from Ukraine to Idaho are sharing their condolences on social media.


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