We're all motivated by various motives, whether money, power, accomplishments, sex, or the most potent motivator outside of the almighty, food. The food industry has become a spectator sport that fuels several television networks and sells billions in cookbooks, kitchen items, and anything associated with eating. The most influential person, arguably on television, is Gordan Ramsey.

Was there life on the planet before the Food Network?

Like all Americans, Idahoans love their food choices, and we're not just talking about the state's most famous food, potatoes. The Treasure Valley is blessed with great steak restaurants, from Indian Creek Steakhouse in Caldwell to Chandler's in Boise.

However, the state's best-tasting prime rib is so famous that folks travel to this yet-to-be-revealed secret location to enjoy the one-of-a-kind taste of the meat literally melting in your mouth. The good news is that you don't have to travel very far from Boise to enjoy this world-class experience gently tucked away in one of the state's hidden small-town treasures.

If you're guessing that the best prime rib in Idaho is at a local restaurant, then you'd be partially correct. Idaho. Our hidden gem is not on a camping trail, a standalone building, or an elite shopping mall. Idaho's most delicious prime rib is located in a bowling alley.

No, we didn't hit ourselves with a pin or a bowling ball; Idaho's most delicious or best-tasting prime rib is served only on Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm-9pm.

Yes, there is a restaurant that is part of the bowling alley. Folks from all over Idaho and Oregon routinely go to eat an enormous dinner and then bowl a few games at the bowling alley.

When we visited last Saturday, folks were ready to pounce on the prime rib. The staff is hardworking, and the environment reminds you of Idaho before the big moving boom.

Homedale Bowling Alley provides a world-class eating experience and a return to traditional American fun. Take a trip back in time enjoying the game of bowling like your grandparents did years ago. Check out our photos below, and don't take our word for it; eat some prime rib in Homedale!

Check Out The Secret Home Of Idaho's Best Tasting Prime Rib

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