Monday was a double whammy for Idaho Governor Brad Little. As you can see from the picture above, he got his first Covid shot. (No one enjoys getting a shot!) Monday was also the day that the rumored impeachment movement that has been discussed on KIDO Talk Radio for over six weeks finally emerged.

Representative Chad Christensen of Amon has gone public on social media advocating for the impeachment of Governor Little.  Here is his post from his Facebook page reacting to the governor's Friday speech.

After Friday's tantrum from Governor Brad Little, I'm now committed to moving forward to impeaching him. I have entertained it before, now I am all in.
He has committed several gross violations of the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions. Another legislator and I will be working on it this week.
There is a draft out there and it will be made public soon. I will be supporting it.
There is a reason I posted the story about 17 INCHES earlier today. This falls in line with the importance of keeping standards.
Are there enough legislators to impeach and remove the governor?  According to former Idaho Attorney General David Leroy, the answer would be no.  Leroy told Channel 7 that there is a zero percent change that Governor Little would be removed from office.
What is accomplished with the public declaration of impeaching the governor?  It weakens his reelection bid in 2022.  By the way, the governor would be running for a second term next to a constitutional amendment to limit his powers.  Faced with that scenario, most politicians would prefer taking multiple shots.

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