Thomas Paine famously wrote, "these are the times that try men's souls." Paine wrote those lines while writing a series of pamphlets during the Revolutionary War. His words and the revenue from those pamphlets inspired a nation and paid for the Continental Army.

Today, we are going through an international crisis that the world has never known. In Idaho, Governor Brad Little has helped calm the storm by giving the state facts over fear. While other states have automatically closed schools, bars, restaurants, and ordered residents to stay at home, our governor has taken a well thought out pragmatic approach to managing the challenging coronavirus problem.

(L-R) Governor Brad Little, Kevin Miller, Dee Sarton, Carolyn Holly, David Ferdinand. Photo: Daniel Ritz/ KIDO Talk Radio

The governor has not overreacted by dictating that Idaho counties and cities must do. He has brilliantly allowed those cities and counties to make their desicions. We've seen both public and private organizations follow his lead by closing on their own. The city of Boise made the call to close bars and restaurants on Thursday. It wasn't following a state mandate.

Governor Little has also served as a state conduit by holding press conferences when new pieces of information are available. We see him on television answering every reporter's questions making sure that his report is getting out to the folks in Idaho. Behind the scenes, he's working with the people at the White House and other governors to help calm fears and curb the spread of the coronavirus.

It can't be an easy job to guide the ship in these troubled times, but we're sure glad Governor Little is at the helm.