Very few of us in Idaho like those creepy, crawling, slimy insects that invade our homes, cars, workspaces, and especially our backyards. How often have we been shocked or have had a family member who realizes something is either near them or crawling all over them? 

Could you imagine what happens when we're asleep? At least when we're awake, we can see these grimy little invaders and deal with them appropriately; however, do the little insect freaks come out when the lights go out at your home? In other words, what's going on in your house and your bed while you sleep?

Solutions Pest & Lawn via YouTube
Solutions Pest & Lawn via YouTube

Depending on what insect really bothers you, we have many insects, bugs, and sometimes lethal little creatures. Some folks are not big fans of spiders. Who likes seeing a massive spider web in their house or backyard? Or on the ground when walking around at home barefoot.

One good thing about spiders is that they take care of spiders. Thankfully, we only have a few more weeks of 'fly season' in Idaho. Other folks jump up and scream when they see a cockroach. However, one creature is so infamous and tiny that you'll never know that these little devious bugs are crawling all over your body until it's too late.

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We're talking about bed bugs. Sure, we can joke about them, but bed bugs are a serious health threat. Besides, who wants thousands of little bugs doing whatever they do to you while you're sleeping?

Orkin has researched the top fifty cities that are bed bug hotspots. Find out here if you're city made the list.

These 50 US Cities are Crawling with Bed Bugs

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Gallery Credit: Scott Clow

Thankfully there are no Idaho cities on the list, however, watch out for these creepy creatures.

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