My son and I found this unique and fun looking leaf bug hanging out on our front door. We carefully caught it in his little bug aquarium with some leaves and sticks and kept it for 1 night. We then let it out in the backyard the next day. The bug was fine we got to see it up close and personal for an evening and let it go back on its way. We were fascinated by the leaf like veins and tiny little suction cupped feet.

Leaf Bug, By Nikki West
Leaf Bug, By Nikki West

I did a little research and found out this little guy is called a Katydid, you can learn more about him and his kind here.

After I looked this guy up I went down a rabbit hole of Idaho bugs and bugs that are native to Idaho. I am glad this is they insect that decided to hang out on my front door because some of these others would have freaked me out.

According to insect identification and Idaho Fish and Game, these are some Native Idaho creepy crawlies.

All photos (except the water bug) are from Idaho Fish and Game. These are just a few of the species listed as Native to Idaho, there are hundreds.

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