A Boise man is going to the big dance thanks to a new policy from the television show Jeopardy. Joshua Saak won the first-ever Champions Wildcard round. He will now move on to take on the nation's best competing in Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions.

Mr. Saak told us this morning that he, as a three-time winner, didn't expect to appear on Jeopardy again. Only folks who've won more games were invited back to appear in the Tournament of Champions.

Boise Man Wins Big on Jeopardy

A tough one!

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He explained to us how one goes from watching television to competing with two other previous winners. "The buzzer will make or break you. It's half a second to a second before the lights active, it's a timing aspect; it's a very fine line on when to ring in." He shared that it was "shocking, humbling, and exciting rolled into one."

It can take years for someone to get the opportunity to appear on Jeopardy. Mr. Saak told us prospects take an online test every 18 months. The results of the test aren't revealed only if you've scored high enough, you'll get the call to appear in person.

Mr. Saak hasn't heard from the folks at Jeopardy on when he'll be invited back to compete with the other champions.

Idaho is a small state, but the Gem State doesn't lack folks who appear on reality television. We've had a few folks, one from Boise and one from Meridian, win the CBS Television Show Survivor. Whether you're a fan or not, the appeal of Jeopardy is universal. How often have you tried to answer the show's questions before the people on TV pressed their buzzer?

Jeopardy tapes five shows every day so that the routine can be brutal for contestants. Idaho has produced another Jeopardy champion who won a few games before losing her title. You can read about her adventures here and here.

We'll have to stay tuned to see if Josh can continue his winning ways representing Boise and the Treasure Valley. We wish him all the luck in the world!

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