Kendra Westerhaus did her very best to win another round of Jeopardy. The Pocatello resident rallied to win an impressive final push before Final Jeopardy. The clinical psychologist trailed through most of last night's show due to troubles with her buzzer and two remarkable competitors. She told us what had happened to her on the show.

"I had some difficult competition in Stephen and Jason and some difficulty with my timing on the buzzer last night, especially toward the beginning. I was glad I was able to rally toward the end of Double Jeopardy! to remain in contention for Final Jeopardy!"

Although Kendra trailed into Final Jeopardy, she finished a strong second. The big question was 'what was Top Gun." The new champion is now Stephen, who won almost $40,000 in one day. Our friend Kendra walks away with $47,201 for her two-day run as Jeopardy champ.

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She shares with us what it was like to live her dream. "The overall experience was great. I was a little disappointed I wasn’t able to go further and keep playing, but still so happy with my wins. I also knew that Stephen, who beat me, was a well-rounded competitor and deserved the win."

The life changing experience is something that she recommend to anyone who has the same aspiration. "For anyone who has considered trying out - do it!  You start with the Anytime Test, available through the Jeopardy! website, and you can take it once per year.  Persistence is what got me on the show."

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