Sean Weatherston is a massive fan of television's most challenging show Jeopardy. Like many of us, he had dreams of qualifying to appear on the show one day. His ambition will become a reality this week as the Nampa resident will appear on Jeopardy Wednesday at 6 pm on channel 2. 

He told us it began in the eighties when the show was relaunched with iconic host Alex Trebek. "It was a game I enjoyed playing with my mom every night. We would compete to see who would be the first to get the question right."

Thousands of fans dream of appearing on Jeopardy; Sean's path started a few years ago when he took the Jeopardy test. It took a few years, but the show got back with him, and he continued to do well on their testing methods.

YouTube/ T - Noticias
YouTube/ T - Noticias

Jeopardy is a game that has thrived over the years. The game involves a host asking three contestants questions that continue to get more challenging as the value of the question goes up. The show ends when all three contestants wager on their confidence in answering the 'Final Jeopardy' question.

Mr. Weatherson told us that the show tapes five episodes a day, so it's a very demanding schedule. He shared that the contestants met with producers on the set of Wheel of Fortune before the start of Jeopardy. 

Idaho has produced another Jeopardy champion who won a few games before losing her title. You can read about her adventures here and here. The entire state and Treasure Valley are rooting for Mr. Weatherston to bring home another Jeopary title. We wish him luck and congratulate him on this success.

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