Kendra Westerhaus did it again. The Pocatello resident won another round of television's Jeopardy, winning a two-day total of $47,201. However, unlike her first appearance, Kendra dominated the program for most of the show. She had accumulated double the amount of the nearest contestant.

What Is Jeopardy?

Jeopardy! is a trivia-style game show in which three contestants respond to answers in the form of a question in an attempt to become champion. The show first aired in 1964, with the show in its current form debuting in 1984. It is syndicated across the United States and airs locally on Ch.2 at 6:00pm.

The show is one of the most popular shows on television. The beauty of the program is the selection of topics. Jeopardy topics can be range from mathematics to 80s movies. Anyone can play the game at home or throughout the their favorite social media platform.


How She Won Again.

She revealed her strategy going into Final Jeopardy. "Going in to Final Jeopardy I knew that second place was exactly half of my score.  The category, “Art and Science,” appeared very broad; I had no idea if I would know the correct response.  If I wagered $1 and got it wrong then Blaine doubled his score, I would lose by $1.  We had gone over contingencies for tied period to taping — it goes to a tiebreaker - and I figured that was preferable to losing by $1."

How Tough Was The Final Jeopardy Question?

Kendra said that she had to dig deep to work on the Final Jeopardy answer, "the FJ question last night was tricky!  I found the wording confusing and spent part of the time dissecting the question.  Once I did, I tried to think of celestial bodies which could have been mistaken for the Star of Bethlehem.  Halley’s Comet was a guess (albeit an educated one)."


How Tough Is is to get on Jeopardy?

It takes three auditions to make it to the big show in California. Kendra has told multiple publications that being on the show was 'a dream come true.' Her next appearance will be tonight at 6pm. Here are few highlights from Kendra's big win. We continue to support her and to wish her luck in representing Idaho.

Inside the World Of Television's Jeopardy

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the show? Kendra gave us a breakdown on living her dream. "Jeopardy! generally tapes 5 shows in a day.  The turnaround time between shows is pretty quick - enough time to visit the restroom, wardrobe, and makeup.  In the information prior taping they tell you to bring options for clothes in case you have to tape multiple episodes - but not to worry about changing from the waist down since that portion stays behind the podium!"

How early does the day start for a Jeopardy Taping?

Kendra started her day before 8am. She shares with us just what happens before the cameras begin. "Call time was 7:45am on the day of taping.  We did all of our prep and staging on the Wheel of Fortune stage.  A lot of that morning is a blur, but I remember going over rules of the game and compliance stuff, as well as wardrobe, hair, and makeup, before going to the Jeopardy! stage.  Ken came out to say hello and pump us up, then Jimmy McGuire led us through some mock games.  During the mock games a member of the Jeopardy team let us know if we were coming in too early or late on the buzzer - it seemed like they wanted everyone to perform optimally."

They called her champ!

What happens after you win the big one?  Kendra has nothing but praise for the Jeopardy staff. "After winning, everyone on set calls you champ.  “This way, Champ.”  “Let’s get you to wardrobe, Champ.”  The team does a great job of building people up.  The atmosphere was so positive the entire time."

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