I saw another story this past weekend about people leaving piles of trash behind after their Memorial Day Weekend excursions to public beaches and state parks in Washington state. It always looks so catastrophic and embarrassing!

Too much trash and too much clutter gives my (undiagnosed) OCD brain a huge headache. It also gives a city or town a bad rep!

I'm old enough to remember when we were shamed for littering. They even had TV commercials in the 80s with little kids yelling at us for even THINKING about throwing trash in the streets. Good times, good times.



The bigger the city, the more likely the city might be considered "dirty", but I'm surprised that certain small cities made Lawnstarter.com's list of the 150 dirtiest cities in America last year. Cities like Bakersfield in California (#6) and suburban towns like Henderson in Nevada (#66) got called out. The dirtiest cities in Oregon on the list are Eugene (#82) and Portland (#76).

When most people think of a dirty city, they likely imagine lots of graffiti, random people stumbling along the sidewalks talking to themselves, and there might even be sightings of stray dogs and cats milling about in search for food, and huge rats scurrying about.

5 of the Dirtiest Towns in America Are in WA: See The New List
Dirtiest Cities in WA and OR, Canva

I don't agree with this list, but here we are!

I will add to this definition of a dirty city streets and roads with so many potholes, you are constantly worried that driving on them will throw out your car's wheel alignments.

In that case, I have quite a few towns in WA that need to be on this list, ha!

One way that our cities and towns can clean up their acts (pun intended) is to have public recycling box centers available, like they do in Richland near the Uptown Shopping Center, and street sweepers that run once week or bi-monthly.

Hopefully none of our Washington state towns will be on the list for 2024!

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Lawnstarter.com's list of the 150 dirtiest cities in America. See which ones from Washington and Oregon made the list.

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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