Let's face it: college isn't for everyone! Are there benefits to attending an institution of higher learning? Of course.

For some people, however, money and scholarships to attend are a little harder to come by. That's why some of us decide to hit the workplace immediately after high school.

There is money to be made without a degree

Our teachers told some of us that it would be wise to skip college altogether because we weren't capable. No, seriously, it's a true story - let's break third-person writing for a bit.

My high school science teacher told me that I would have better luck joining the military than trying to carve out a career on my own.

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The jury is out on whether or not she was right, but this is the reality for a lot of people. It's also why a lot of people dive right into the workforce and completely avoid dealing with college.

Shoot - maybe you're in the same boat as I was! I dropped out of college at least 3 times. Why? I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life til it snapped that DJing weddings, bars, events, etc. could open other doors including those to the radio.

Would I have discovered that had I gone to college? There's no surefire way of knowing but at least I've been able to build a career that allows me to support a wife and three kids.

Get out there! Make your money and don't listen to those who think they know what's best for you.

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