Look, we get it - it sounds weird to us too but hear us out.

Rehearsing in a bomb shelter is one of the best places that you can practice.

Where do major artists practice and prepare for a big show?

Okay, so follow us here and feel free to grab a bean bag to go with some Cheetos puffs: how and where do artists on tour rehearse with their band?

Sure, you could argue that they might set up at sound check and run through a few tunes... but how does a major artist actually get to rehearse a full set with their band without anyone else hearing?

One of the obvious answers might be a private studio but that's not what we're talking about - they're on the road.

When Dustin Lynch or Jason Derulo comes to town for Boise Music Festival on June 22, 2024... how will they get their practice in to ensure it's a great show?

Stay with us: a bomb shelter.

And while Dustin Lynch and his band might have a way to rehearse already, they should sleep well on their fancy tour bus knowing that one of the best places to practice with your band is located near Boise.

Let's take a look at the bomb shelter turned practice space for bands that could be producing the next big artist that we haven't heard of yet.

If you were a musician, would you play here?

Is Boise's Next Big Musical Act Rehearsing in a Bomb Shelter?

Is it possible that the next big artist is honing their craft inside of the Boise Bomb Shelter?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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