It's that time of year at the legislature when educational leaders answer elected officials' questions about what is and what isn't being taught in Idaho colleges and universities. Once again, the topic of 'woke ideology forced upon students and teachers was discussed with Boise State's President, Doctor Marlene Tromp.

Several Idahoans have taken to talk radio and social media, citing their concerns that students should be focused on learning fundamental skills. Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin created a task force to investigate allegations of excessive progressive influence in public education.

Senator Scott Herndon asked the BSU president why many courses emphasize woke principles.

As you can see, Dr. Tromp asked the senator what the definition of gender is. Have we come to a place in Idaho where gender is defined as the 'social expression' of their identity? For most taxpayers in Idaho, gender is whether you are a male or a female.

Senator Brian Lenny of Nampa had the opportunity to ask the state school board president why job university job postings consisted of 'woke' requirements.


Senator Lenny Reveals Woke Job Postings







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