An Idaho senator has submitted a bill that will allow parents a more substantial choice regarding their children's education. The topic of educational choice or vouchers has been the topic of Idaho parents for years.

State Senator Tammy Nicholas of Star/Middleton introduced the Education Freedom Act. The bill's purpose will create Freedom in Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) for Idaho families with K-12th grade students. The Act will allow money to follow the student so parents can access the educational services and providers that work best for their children.

The senator told us this morning that it's time that Idaho joined Arizona in allowing ESAs.  Education continues to be hot button issue in Idaho. Local property taxes are raised yearly despite the state spending over half its general fund on education funding. 

Education advocates say that the state continues to lose teachers to states that offer a higher wage. The governor and the legislator have raised teachers' salaries over the years, but more is needed to stop the tide of teachers leaving the state. A quick look at how Idaho ranks in teacher's salaries.

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The controversy in Caldwell involving boys using girls' restrooms and vice versa underscores parental concerns that the woke policies are being implemented in Idaho public education. 

Idaho's Best Public High Schools

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Here is a look at how the Act would help students from the Freedom Caucus release:

'With the passage of the Education Freedom Act, roughly $6,000 will follow the student and can be directed to education expenses like tuition or fees at a private school or for vocational education, textbooks, educational therapies, tutoring, curricula, supplementary materials, and tuition or fees at eligible postsecondary institutions. This freedom allows parents and kids to take advantage of an education that better suits their needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.'

Senator Nicholas told us that she would like the bill to be heard by the educational committee and would like the chairman to schedule a hearing. 

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