Nampa Christian Schools have served Treasure Valley students and parents for many years. Nampa Christian's history goes back to the early 1900s.

The school's alums are prevalent in our state's business and charitable communities. What makes the school special is the faculty's commitment to parents to students who are committed to their service mission.

When you walk into the school, you can feel the energy of its students and staff. We visited the high school; you can check out the photos below. While visiting last week, we learned that their student robot team competed at the national and international levels. Students have the opportunity to travel to Mexico to serve folks in need. 

Doctor Greg Wiles, Superintendent of Nampa Christian Schools, described the school's mission on their website. 

"Nampa Christian School is dedicated to serving the Christian community in the Treasure Valley by partnering with families and their local church to provide a high-quality education with the Gospel and a Biblical Worldview as its foundation. Our purpose is to equip, shape, and disciple students' HEARTS, HEADS, and HANDS in the truth and authority of Scripture, striving for excellence to glorify God in all areas of learning and life."

Nampa Christian Schools has four schools, preschool, kindergarten, elementary and high school. From newborns to high school students, Nampa Christian offers a safe and nurturing environment based on Christ's teachings.

We want to thank everyone who allowed us to profile Nampa Christian Schools twice a year for several years. Please review our photos and let them know your thoughts on their mission.

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