If you haven't seen the holiday classic Home Alone or its sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, stop what you're doing and go watch them. Now, there's a good chance you've seen them or "seen parts of them" as people say so let's keep it moving.

We know it's just a movie, but "what if"?

Yes, it's just a movie and then there's the fact that it came out 33 years ago as of a few days ago - feeling "old", yet? Imagine that happening in 2023... the kid would probably just FaceTime his parents so they could Venmo him some money for an Uber and rescheduled flight.

But, let's assume you just completely drop the ball and leave your small child at home, left to defend themselves against the "Wet Bandits", how much trouble would you actually be in?

Depending on the circumstances surrounding you leaving the child there, you might be charged with child endangerment and could most likely have your parental rights re-evaluated.

But that's just the movies, what if you just wanted to hit up the grocery store kid-free and leave the kiddos home alone for 30 minutes?

Looking at the "home alone laws" in Idaho and surrounding states

If you have multiple children who are younger in age, you understand the difficulty that comes with taking them all to the store. So, if you decide to leave little Oscar at home by himself for 30 minutes but he's only six years old... could you legally do that?

Let's look at the laws in Idaho and surrounding states.

What Age Can You Leave Your Kid Home Alone In Idaho?

While Idaho has its own rules regarding leaving your child home alone, what do the surrounding states' laws say?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

What age did you start staying home alone and do you think it was a good idea? Let us know with your messages here!

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