For many of us, the movie Footloose holds a special place in our hearts, evoking memories of our high school years, young adulthood, or even those Friday sleepover parties with a VCR and pizza. If you're still discovering the movie, it's a tale that resonates with the struggle of young Ren McCormack to have a school dance. (A concept that might seem antiquated now but was a big deal in a world before the internet, TikTok, YouTube, Taylor Swift, and cell phones.)


YouTube/Kenny Logins Official Video Footloose
YouTube/Kenny Logins Official Video Footloose

The movie was filmed in Payson, Utah, and it's thanks to the unwavering passion of the community, Mr. Bacon is returning to the town that served as the backdrop for the 1984 classic. As reported by, he will be making a special appearance at the high school football field, where he will be creating 5,000 kits for his charitable foundation, Six Degrees Foundation. 


Today, Kevin Bacon is an international star and the subject of the internet slogan 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.' In the early eighties, the young actor was a character actor who had never been a leading man. (Remember his iconic line in National Lampoon's Animal House? Remain calm, all is well?) After the box office success of Footloose, the film launched Mr. Bacon's career to leading man status. 


Forty years and many movies, television shows, YouTube videos, and podcasts later, how did Payson students lure Mr. Bacon back to Utah? Like everything of worth, it wasn't easy, but their persistence attracted national attention from NBC's Today Show and other national outlets.


Payson High School's interior is the same as it was during the filming of Footloose. You can see the locker used by Mr. Bacon during his performance. The students began an online campaign complete with the hashtag #BacontoPayson and recreated many of the movie's iconic scenes. You can read more about their efforts here, courtesy of KSL. 

The school will be demolished this year as a new high school has been built. The students wanted to make this year special; they called it the Footloose year.


Mr. Bacon told the school and a national audience what the film meant. "The movie and Payson High School were a big part of my life; I've been amazed at the work that all of you have been putting into this with the musicals and the flashmobs recreations." He announced on the show that he would be at Payson High School this weekend. 





What makes Footloose so special after forty years? It's a tale of young folks needing to be understood by their elders. Plus, it has an incredible soundtrack that rivals any movie soundtrack in music history. Kenny Logins, Eric Carmen, Bonnie Tyler, Shalamar, and Sammy Hagar were musical talents that topped the charts back when they had record charts.

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