When you think of mythical creatures that live in Idaho or even the Northwest, the one that typically comes to mind is Sasquatch AKA Bigfoot.

Some might even suggest Sharli, the legendary monster of Payette Lake.

Recently, a video has been making its rounds on the web again showing another mythical creature inhabiting the Gem State.

Video sparks debate as to whether or not dinosaurs are still living

As crazy as it sounds, a viral video has people debating the existence of dinosaurs in Idaho. The video, posted by Rumble Viral, has amassed over 3 million views and thousands of comments.

The video appears to show a pterosaur or pterodactyl flying over Boise leading to a variety of theories... and jokes.

"Pterosaur: 'Bruh, I'm the only one left,'", one commenter joked.

While many believe the video is a product of video editing and special effects, there are many who claim to have witnessed similar creatures in their area.

"My son who was 12 at the time and I saw one about 13 years ago over our home in Pittsburgh, PA," another wrote.

"We both looked at each other and said 'That's a dragon."

One of the more compelling stories involves a man who saw a similar creature over the Salmon River:

I saw the exact same thing in 1991. I was fishing on the Salmon River along the Van Duzer corridor in a very isolated stretch when it came flying overhead from behind me. It's wingspan was about 15-20 feet and was maybe 30 feet above me. It glided silently and I only lost sight of it when it veered right in a bend of the river approx 200' ahead. My wife refused to believe my story...until now...30 years later!

What do you think? Is it a product of editing and effects? Or are dinosaurs still roaming the Earth... in Boise, Idaho?

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