One of our favorite things to talk about outside of conspiracy theories is places we're not supposed to visit or things we're not supposed to see.

There's something true about the old saying "Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest."

We found one place that we're definitely not allowed and could be the stuff of nightmares for some people. Why? Because it is a downright terrifying place to imagine having to work at every day.

Idaho's version of Area 51

First, this place isn't meant for dissecting aliens and experimenting with the technology... at least that we know about. Secondly, it's not in a desert or in a hidden secret bunker in the mountains.

Rather - it's in a place that's much more terrifying... underwater.

Seriously, does that NOT scream horror movie premise? To us at least, it totally does and we would love to see one made about it.

Think about how horrifying it would be to be swimming in a lake in Idaho, looking down, and you see a faint shadow under you. Only that shadow starts to rise and get bigger... and bigger... until it's the size of a small whale or possibly something bigger.

Seriously - how is that not terrifying?

Let's take a look at Idaho's version of Area 51 which will certainly give you nightmare fuel...

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