So maybe the holidays aren't going how you want them to in the kitchen. Anything can happen in the kitchen during the holidays: you forgot to thaw the turkey, grandma dropped the ball on the green bean casserole, etc.

Thankfully, we're here to rescue your holiday meal with delicious recipes native to Idaho.

They're not just great for the holidays either...

These could be used if you're hosting a dinner party, want to impress your date, or even if you just want to up your cooking game. has a complete library of recipes based on the states they originated from. We found over forty recipes that aren't just delicious, but they're simple - there is even a delicious recipe for a Wild River Bloody Mary.

Everyone knows that can't have a list of recipes from Idaho without including finger steaks. That being said - how about a recipe for Potato Bacon Pizza... yes, that's a thing and we're here for it.

Let's look at over forty recipes from Idaho that will make you look like a 5-star chef, no matter the occasion.

LOOK: Recipes from Idaho

Stacker compiled a list of recipes from Idaho using Allrecipes.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

Perhaps you want a cookbook that seems a little more legit and more focused on the area. Check out the cookbook from 10 Barrel Brewing Company that will certainly get your tastebuds dancing.

Which recipe is your favorite?

10 Barrel Brewing Company Pub Beer Cookbook

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

Heck, if you don't to cook at all, the Treasure Valley has plenty of amazing restaurants to fulfill your desires. If you want to take it a step further and throw down a food challenge, you can do that too...

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