According to the Mayo Clinic, "laughter enhances your intake of oxygen-rich air, stimulates your heart, lungs, and muscles, and increases the endorphins that are released by your brain." 

Idahoans need more laughter in their lives, and here is why. 

Goofing around, playing jokes, watching stand-up, and having fun with friends and family are some great things that could cause laughter in your life. But what's going on in Idaho? With April Fools Day coming up, will Idahoans with a sense of humor have to walk on eggshells? 

According to, Idahoans don't have a funny bone. Their methodology included Google Trend search volume by measuring the eight most popular comedy, joke, and prank search terms across all states in the past year. The number of comedy clubs per capita in each state and the number of hireable comedy acts based in each state per capita. They also factored in the amount of comedy-related meetup social groups. 

With the research they have done, it doesn't look like anyone enjoys a good laugh in Idaho. Are Californians to blame? That's a joke. 

Which states are the biggest jokers? 


5. Colorado:

  • Google Interest Score: 56.1
  • Comedy Club Score: 91.6
  • Comedy Acts Score: 58.3
  • Comedy Meetups Score: 89.5
  • Final Joker Score (Out of 100): 73.9


4. Illinois:

  • Google Interest Score: 51.1
  • Comedy Club Score: 85.4
  • Comedy Acts Score: 81.2
  • Comedy Meetups Score: 79.1
  • Final Joker Score (Out of 100): 74.2


3. California: 

  • Google Interest Score: 48.0
  • Comedy Club Score: 83.3
  • Comedy Acts Score: 89.5
  • Comedy Meetups Score: 95.8
  • Final Joker Score (Out of 100): 79.2


2. New York:

  • Google Interest Score: 44.3
  • Comedy Club Score: 89.5
  • Comedy Acts Score: 85.4
  • Comedy Meetups Score: 100
  • Final Joker Score (Out of 100): 79.8


1. Nevada:

  • Google Interest Score: 55.5
  • Comedy Club Score: 100.0
  • Comedy Acts Score: 100.0
  • Comedy Meetups Score: 87.5
  • Final Joker Score (Out of 100): 85.8

I'm not surprised to see Nevada taking the title as the biggest jokers. With the casinos having comedy clubs and the number of comedy acts available per capita, Vegas is where people go to have a good time.

But how bad is it in Idaho? 

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