It's one of the most popular topics on the planet right now: where in the world is Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton "Missing"?

There are several conspiracy theories right now floating around about Catherine, Princess of Wales AKA Kate Middleton. She hasn't been spotted in public since December and this has the internet in an absolute frenzy.

The future Queen of England was hospitalized back in January after a surgery and now many are worried about the state of her health. She was released at the end of January but there was no photo of her leaving the hospital.

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Since then, a photo and even a video were shared of Middleton but the photo was later proven to be fake while the video doesn't catch her full face.

So, where in the world is Kate Middleton?

Meridian Parks & Rec Might Have The "Answer"

While the rest of the internet continues down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories surrounding the Royal Family, the folks over at Meridian Parks and Recreation might have it all figured out.

In a post to Movie Night in Meridian, "Kate Middleton" was "seen" with the parks and rec director, Steve Siddoway.

Movie Night in Meridian via Facebook
Movie Night in Meridian via Facebook

In their post to Facebook, Movie Night in Meridian posted:

"Kate Middlton was spotted alive and thriving walking through Meridian Parks with director Steve Siddoway and family."

While we hope Middleton is healthy and well, you can't help but laugh a bit at the fun our local community is having with the subject.

What do you think happened to Kate Middleton and what is she up to?

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