They're one of the rock's longest-tenured bands and they may have just dropped a huge bomb for fans in Boise as they embark on their latest tour. The band?

Foo Fighters.

Led by frontman Dave Grohl, the band recently suffered a major loss with the passing of longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins in March of 2022. Many fans (this author included) wondered what the future would hold for the band in the aftermath of the sudden tragic loss of Hawkins. Would we ever see a show from the Foo again? Will Grohl ever bring the band to the Treasure Valley?

Foo Fighters begin rehearsing... did they tease a show in Boise?

The tight friendship between Grohl and Hawkins is well-documented so many assumed there would be no replacement outside of Grohl playing drums on future recordings (which he has done before). Grohl would, in fact, play drums on their new album But Here We Are but the former Nirvana drummer obviously can't do both on their new tour in support of the album.

Cue longtime session drummer, Josh Freese whose resume includes bands ranging from Vandals, Nine Inch Nails, and even Sting according to

With a tour coming up (and no Idaho dates... DAVE, we're looking at you!), the band obviously has to get acclimated with their new touring drummer. The band had a camera crew sit in on their rehearsal and before a run-through of their hit "Monkey Wrench" Grohl made a joke that any Treasure Valley rock fan could interpret as a potential tease of an upcoming show.

The moment takes place at 3:45 in the video below...

"Really good to be here in Boise," Grohl jokes on the mic as they prepare to rehearse for their live shows.

Sure, it's a quick namedrop but could this mean something more? Did Foo Fighters meet with their team about potentially adding more cities to their current tour with Boise as an option? Was this a subtle jab (we hope not) that they never want to come to Boise at all?

According to their site, Foo Fighters have concerts this year in Utah, Nevada, and Washington. There are no Idaho dates that we know of yet, but could that all change later this year?

Only time will tell.

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