Ice Skating in Idaho's Great Outdoors

Ice-skating on Idaho's frozen lakes and ponds draws people in with a unique blend of adventure and tranquility.

Imagine carving your path across the surface of a glassy frozen lake, surrounded by the beauty of Idaho's snow-flocked trees and mountains. The charm of skating in Idaho's great outdoors delivers a sense of freedom and excitement even the best indoor rinks can't replicate.

The Risks of Ice Skating on Idaho's Frozen Lakes & Ponds

Skating on frozen bodies of water has its risks. For one, Idaho weather can be unpredictable. Not all lakes and ponds freeze to a safe thickness for skating. Being aware of potential hazards like thin ice spots or underlying currents can be the difference between a fun day on the lake or a night at the ER.

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Facts Over Fear

Don't let the risks scare you out of a great time. You can enjoy a safe and magical ice skating experience in Idaho with the right knowledge and precautions. Really, 95% of the battle is knowing where it's safe to skate. According to a report published by Lake Ice, falling through ice more common than a lot of us probably realize.

Based on 100,000 skater trips over the past 4 years in (mostly in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Netherlands), the average rate of skaters falling through is about once in 170 outings. The injury rate is 74% of that and serious injuries (broken bones, etc) account for 16% of all injuries.


Is it safe to skate on clear ice on frozen lakes and ponds?

⚠️ We can't over-emphasize the importance of double-checking a frozen lake or pond's thickness and quality before skating on it!

According to the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation, ice should be at least four inches thick for skating. Also, clear ice is generally stronger than ice with snow on top or bubbles underneath.

What kind of gear do you need for ice skating on frozen lakes and ponds?

As with any Idaho winter sport, the right gear makes all the difference! Warm, stretchy, moisture-wicking apparel is a must; bonus points if it's brightly colored to help first responders find you more quickly in an emergency.

Bringing safety equipment like a first aid kit, rope, and a lifejacket in case of an accident isn't a bad idea either. And, of course, remember to sharpen your skates and periodically check the blades for rust.

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