It seems that everything in our world today is political. The type of city you live in, the clothes you wear, and even what you watch on your favorite device can reveal your personal or professional politics. One of the most recent polarizing issues revolves around transportation. Specifically, what do we use to get to and from work? Our vehicles. 

The Biden Administration continues to push electric vehicles (EVs) as a preferred method of transportation. The government declares EVs are more environmentally friendly than gasoline-powered cars and trucks. 

Eco-Conscious Cars: States with the Most Hybrid and Electric Vehicles


The government spends a lot of money encouraging Idahoans and Americans to buy EVs. The government previously offered economic incentives to folks who bought EVs. Electric charging stations are now being developed and paid for by the government to make EVs more mainstream. 

Boise Mayor Loves EVs

She's Happy

The city of Boise received over three million dollars to build charging stations to help convert gas drivers to EV consumers. Despite the big push, auto dealers and others do not want EV vehicles. Several car dealers sent a message to the Biden Administration begging them to stop the EV push. 


Rental car kingpin Hertz recently got rid of their EVs because their customers wanted gasoline-powered vehicles. 

Why EVs will not work in Idaho. Seattle-based talk show host Jason Rantz explains why EVs are not for the Gem State. Mr. Rantz detailed a recent experience of renting an EV vehicle to Fox Business. The young host was on his way to a wedding and rented a car, which was an EV.

Stranded With a Powerless EV


As he began his drive, he noticed that his EV used more energy when going up hills. The situation was so dire that he attempted to find a charging station after the wedding. Sadly, he could not and was stranded on the road with a useless EV. Mr. Rantz's experience is a lesson that Idahoans should pass on EVs.

Idaho Has Lots of Hills

Mr. Rantz reported that EVs use up more energy going up hills. In Idaho, we have lots of hills and many mountains. EVs also lose power when they get cold. Idahoans know that we have cold winters, and who wants to get stranded in a snowstorm? 

Big State Big Trucks

#7 Idahoans drive big trucks
YOUTUBE/ car and driver

Idahoans love big trucks. Have you seen or read about an EV that can handle the towing demands of an Idahoan? Our state is a big state without a lot of charging stations. Idaho does have a healthy supply of gas stations. Idaho common sense dictates that the state will pass on EV vehicles. 

22 Cars Under a "Park Outside" Recall Due to Fire Risk

The NHTSA advises drivers to park these vehicles outside and away from structures until they've been repaired. For more on the recall click HERE.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Best Looking State Patrol Cars In (Almost) Every State

For the past 10 years, the American Association of State Troopers has held a contest to determine which state has the best looking patrol cruiser. Nearly every state police agency submits their best photo of their sharpest patrol vehicle a chance to win the coveted cover photo on the association's annual calendar. From cop cars rushing through blizzards to vehicles on the Grand Ole Opry stage, here are this year's nominees.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

Top 10 Most Popular Cars Among Catalytic Converter Thieves in Idaho

CarFax recently put together a list of the cars most targeted by catalytic converter thieves in several regions across the United States. They lumped Idaho in with the "Plains" region. These are the vehicles that were targeted in that region.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart



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