California lawmakers decided to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in a state that continues to suffer from rolling power blackouts. The total ban will not occur until 2035, but the state will gradually move towards eliminating gas-powered cars and trucks.

The Golden State will demand that thirty-five percent of new vehicles will be electric by 2026, going up to sixty-eight percent. Although the move doesn't address where the additional energy will come from to replace gas-powered cars and trucks.

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California's move follows the energy goals of the Biden Administration, which passed a bill that sends more money to states seeking to cut their emissions. The New York Times explains the breakdown of the legislation.

'The new policy in California follows an expansive new climate law signed by President Biden last week. The law will invest $370 billion in spending and tax credits on clean energy programs, the largest action taken by the federal government to combat climate change.'

The move doesn't address the energy elephant in the room concerning California's energy crisis. The state has shut down regions of the state due to predicted power outages. Whether California or the country will be ready for all-electric vehicles is debatable. Without an adequate amount of charging stations, the mandate to electric is meaningless.

Automakers across the country have begun to move towards building electric vehicles.  However, despite the government's efforts to encourage purchases, the price of most electric vehicles continues to be too expensive.  No word on whether or not California will create their own incentive program.

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