Electric Vehicles, while not yet flying cars, offer a promising glimpse into the future of transportation in Idaho and beyond. Many baby boomers once envisioned a world of flying cars, as depicted in the cartoon The Jetsons. At the same time, that vision may have yet to materialize fully.

The president of the United States has shown strong support for EVs. Under his leadership, the government has implemented policies that encourage businesses and consumers to consider electric vehicles. These policies, which include both incentives and penalties, are designed to steer the market toward more sustainable transportation options.

Despite the incentives and penalties in place, the transition from gas-powered engines to electric vehicles has been met with a mixed response in America. Hybrid vehicles, offering a middle ground, have also seen a rise in popularity.

Why would anyone not want to buy an electric vehicle? We did see one of those Tesla trucks driving through Star the other day. Boise Mayor Lauren McClean secured a grant of several million dollars to install charging stations in Boise.

Idahoans have purchased Teslas, but most folks in the Gem State have passed on EVs. Why are Idahoans not drinking the EV Kool-Aid? Idahoans love their trucks and, to a lesser degree, SUVs. They use their trucks to go off-road or pull trailers for fun or work. EVs have yet to power vehicles capable of rivaling gas-powered trucks.

It gets cold in Idaho. EVs lose power faster when the temperature falls and when climbing hills and mountains. No one in the state wants to run out of power while traveling through the state's vast network of peaks and valleys.

While EVs may be popular in California, gas-powered vehicles still rule the day in Idaho.

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