As we near the end of 2022, a lot of us are still asking – why hasn’t Idaho legalized marijuana? According to, Idaho is leaving a potential $33,295,445 in tax revenue for a minimum of 3 years on the table. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a big step toward legalization in Idaho as the Marijuana Policy Project reports that a “coalition of patients and allies” failed to collect enough signatures for the 2022 medical cannabis ballot initiative.

The positive news for legalization supporters is that this same coalition will not give up and will continue their pursuit of signatures for the 2024 medical cannabis ballot initiative.

The burning question that I have is… why are so many people against it? I understand that marijuana unto itself isn’t for everyone but there are some well-known benefits. I know – we’ve all heard it before: “This ain’t your grandma’s marijuana.” While that is undoubtedly true, the benefits of CBD and even basic marijuana come with exactly what’s in it (at least that’s what a friend who’s been to Ontario told me). So, while it’s not exactly the same stuff granny smoked at Woodstock ’69, at least you know what’s in it. Besides – how many people in the 60’s “laced” their marijuana with something like LSD? We’ve all heard the stories but the point is that knowledge is power and I would much rather know what’s in the evil cabbage I’m getting than not.

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