I'm no scientist or anything but is there anyone who doesn't like a happy hour? You know what I'm talking about - tasty drinks at a discount and shoot... sometimes you get lucky and find some tasty bites to go with it.

Anything can happen at a happy hour: learning about gossip at the office, making new friends and it's the ultimate way to wrap up a long workday.

What research says that Boise has the best happy hour spot?

The folks over at 24/7 Tempo did a ton of research, utilizing reviews and according to them, researching over 250 bar websites. In addition to all of the sites, they also looked into several review sites to determine which is best in each state.

According to their research, Boise is the city that can claim Idaho's best happy hour spot. But what about our neighboring states? I looked at the data and explored each state's pick. You never know when you'll be passing through and need to see each state's best happy hour spot, right? Let's get right to it.

Research Says The Best Happy Hour in Idaho is in Boise

A recent report crowned the best happy hour spot in all of Idaho... do you agree with their pick? What about the picks for the best happy hour spot in each of the surrounding states?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, I don't know about you but I feel that you can't have a happy hour (or drinks in general) without some delicious loaded fries. I seriously can't think of a better combo than an ice-cold beer with a fork full of cheesy, crispy, golden fries with ranch. Polishing off a loaded bite with a refreshing beer is truly a gift from the gods. Let's look at why Idaho has the best loaded fries in the country and where you can find them.

And In Case You Forgot... Here's Why Idaho Has The Best Loaded Fries In The Country

Forget the "best in Idaho"... are these the best "loaded fries" in the COUNTRY?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Of course, you can't talk about loaded fries and beer without... STEAK!!

Happy Hour... Loaded Fries And... Steak? Here Is The Best Steakhouse In The Treasure Valley...

Who doesn't love themselves a delicious ribeye? A filet? A sirloin? No matter your favorite cut of meat, the Treasure Valley is home to some of the best steakhouses. Who's number one?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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