Alright, hear us out - we didn't choose the criteria, we didn't have any say in this survey... but that being said; one Idaho town may consider going back to the drawing board with their flag design.

We Get It... No One's Perfect

We stumbled across some data that was gathered via a survey to determine which American cities have some of the ugliest flags to ever be flown. While, yes, an Idaho town made that list... there were several other cities in America that have far much worse flags than any design that could come out of Idaho. Seriously, some designs look like something made for insurance companies while others look like something designed by a college intern who was too hungover to finish the assignment.

Who in the actual hell was behind these designs? Not even kidding, one of them looks like a literal concept design for a buffet restaurant. Other designs look like something you would see on a brochure for life insurance complete with the bland, hospital-like color scheme. No - seriously, how did some of these even make it this far? They make Idaho's worst city flag look like a work of art.

Let's take a look at some of the ugliest city flags according to Do you agree with this list?

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