I've been the person who's said that "bad stuff can happen anywhere."

Sure, some places can appear "rough" to some people and some places feel downright unsafe. That being said, one bad experience can't define an entire town...

...can it?

Yes, some people actually leave reviews of whole cities

I have to admit that I've left a bad review a time or two in a fit of rage during my younger days. The complaints may or may not have been due to not getting the dressing to go with hot wings... or the ice machine always being broken (you know who you are.)

But it would be hard for me to leave a bad review of a CITY. Seriously, think about it.

Cities, especially those in Idaho, have so much to offer and are often so vast that it's hard to make summarize an entire area with what is essentially a "grade." I honestly thought that the biggest "Karens" (no, we're not talking to the nice "Karens") were people who leave petty reviews on Yelp because their steak's grill marks were inconsistent.

Nope, turns out that there are people far more particular than that. So much so that these folks have taken to the website Niche, went through the process of creating an account, then clicked (or tapped) to write their first post... about a city.

Let's take a look at the worst review for nine different Idaho cities. Are they accurate?

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