We recently reported that the Caldwell Police Department is hiring officers at various levels, and the Meridian Police Department has now officially announced they're hiring as well — and for more positions, too, not just officers.

Deadlines for both are coming up soon, so aspiring law enforcement professionals are encouraged to seize this opportunity to contribute and make a difference in your communities.

Check out the list below of requirements and a fun questionnaire to see if you're strong enough to pass the Idaho State Police physical exam.

Here's the new post from the Meridian Police Department:

It appears they're hiring for more than just officer positions, as they've included Evidence Technician and Records Clerk positions.

What do evidence technicians do?

Evidence Technicians are typically responsible for collecting, documenting, and preserving physical evidence from crime scenes. They ensure proper handling, storage, and documentation of evidence, collaborate with forensic experts, and may even be required to testify in court regarding their findings.

What do records clerks do?

Records clerks typically manage administrative and operational records, entering and maintaining accurate data, processing information requests, and providing administrative support. They play a key role in organizing and ensuring the accessibility of law enforcement records for both internal and public use.

It appears the application periods are not long, and there's a very limited amount of positions open, so act quickly if you're interested. Also, just for fun, check out pictures of the Nampa Police Department & K-9 Unit below and a fun questionnaire to see if you're strong enough to pass the Idaho State Police physical exam!

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