Updates on the series of violent downtown Boise hit and runs have emerged as Jacob Miller, the suspect in this case, has been arraigned by a judge at the Ada County Courthouse.

Any sense of positive energy was sucked out of downtown Boise on Saturday night, June 29th, as Miller sped through downtown Boise at reckless speeds. Court footage from his arraignment claims he was driving upwards of 80 miles per hour.

If you missed the photos from Downtown Boise on Saturday, here's a look back: 

Multiple Hit & Runs Disrupt Downtown Boise Over Weekend

Downtown Boise is usually a fun and peaceful place. One driver disrupted the town in a terrifying series of hit and runs.

Gallery Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

We hope that everyone will be recovered, soon. 

Miller allegedly ran a red light, hit two pedestrians at high speed, and did not stop after hitting them. Ada County Prosecutors say that one victim was 'flung' nearly 25 feet after being hit and the other was "lodged" through the driver's windshield--only to be shaken out when the driver, Miller, swerved to avoid hitting a bicyclist.

Prosecutors called the crimes 'egregious'.

The pursuit for Miller didn't stop there--as he continued to speed up Main Street, around Broadway Avenue, and through Southeast Boise. Miller hit cars and barriers along the way.

Finally stopped when hitting another vehicle near Parkcenter Boulevard and Pennsylvania Avenue--we have since learned from the arraignment that rumors of a 'citizens arrest' so to speak, were true. A total of 4-6 witnesses tackled the man after he attempted the flee the crash, keeping him until Police arrived.

Details from the incident are terrifying and two victims remain hospitalized with life threatening injuries.

A judge set his bond to $1 Million.

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