Turkey Day is when Idahoans and everyone who loves America celebrate Thanksgiving. Folks have begun preparing their dinners with turkey, potatoes, gravy, and a wide variety of pies. However, in Boise and Caldwell, Idahoans will start their day with a 5k run. The Turkey Day 5K has been a Treasure Valley tradition for over ten years.

The event is not just about running for a good time, although you will burn many calories before devouring your Thanksgiving feast. If you can't make it to Boise, you can start your turkey day in Caldwell. The event will benefit the Boise Rescue Mission, the Idaho Special Olympics, and Camp Rainbow Gold. 

Two More Turkeys!

Don't come to the race empty-handed; please bring a canned good to feed Treasure Families. As Boise continues to grow, so does the need for the services these organizations provide. Just by showing up you are already helping us contribute to these great organizations – but you can do more: bring extra canned food, make a donation directly to these groups, or better yet, donate a few hours of your time volunteering with them and you'll both be rewarded.

We all know that Thursday will be cold November morning. We don't have to tell you to dress warm; however, some folks use Thanksgiving Day to dress creatively. In other words, you'll see folks dressed up as turkeys, pilgrims, superheroes, and any other costumed character. 

It's still possible to join the fun in Boise and Caldwell. You can register before the race starts at 9 am. So don't be left behind; it's time to wobble! 

Boise Turkey Day 5 K Photos

Thousands of Idahoans woke up early to run for a good cause. The Turkey Day 5K benefits the Boise Rescue Mission and the Special Olympics of Idaho.

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