A criminal with a conscience? What a world we live in. Some people have reported seeing notes on their vehicles from thieves asking for money so they don’t have to rob them.

Photo by Bastian Pudill on Unsplash
Photo by Bastian Pudill on Unsplash

Are Idaho Criminals Leaving Warning Notes Before They Steal Your Stuff?

Criminals often get creative in how they steal from other people. Recently we found out that thieves are placing fake money on vehicle windshields to facilitate their lowlife lifestyles. In California, criminals are utilizing technology and fear to get money. In a picture posted to Instagram of a flyer left on a car in San Francisco, the thief writes that they don’t want to steal anymore so the vehicle owner should donate money to their cause.

The thief might believe they are doing the community a favor by asking for the money so they don’t have to steal it, but really that’s called extortion.

Criminals Ask For Donations So They Don’t Have To Steal

Have you ever seen anything like this in Idaho? The extortion note claims that the criminal has a conscience and a knowledge of right and wrong. They know stealing is bad but they need money for bills. The note is even polite with the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. There are a variety of ways to donate your money to the criminal as they accept CashApp, Paypal, and Bitcoin. Maybe they should also include a link to their job resume since that’s a much more honest, and less threatening, way to make money.

Are The Notes Threatening Or A Relief?

How would you feel if you lived in a neighborhood where these notes were being left? It might for a moment feel good that you weren’t immediately robbed but that relief would quickly turn to fear. If you decide you aren’t feeling generous and don’t pay the extortion money, you might fear that you will become an actual target. But, even if you do pay the thief there still isn’t a guarantee that they won’t still rob you at a later date. How is this thief keeping track of which vehicle owner is paying them through their various digital payment options?

Photo by niu niu on Unsplash
Photo by niu niu on Unsplash

As with the reports of fake money being left on vehicles, if you get a note demanding money you should let local law enforcement know.

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