Jessie Vetter Told To Remove We The People
Getty Images Todd Korol

Jessie Vetter loves America and coming up in a few weeks she will have the honor of representing her country as the goalie of the US Women's Olympic Hockey Team.     Goalies get to decorate their masks with symbolic and patriotic messages that inspire their fans and teammates.  However, Vetter has gone too far according to the International Olympic Committee.    Her mask had the words inscribed with 'We the People' and that was deemed inappropriate by the IOC according to a report from Fox News. 

Isn't it the goal of the Olympics to bring together countries through sport and expression?  Who can forget the epic battles between the West and the old Soviet Bloc countries?  The Winter Olympics are special because most of the athletes live normal lives.  You don't see a lot of curlers turning pro after the big games.

The women's team says that this will not distract them from their usual dominance.  It's too bad the world does not share the same freedoms that we have in America.  It's truly a the land that we love.

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