I was a kid when President Barack Obama, then candidate Obama, stepped into Taco Bell Arena at Boise State University and yelled: "they told me there weren't any Democrats in Idaho". The crowd went wild. Fast forward to 2019 and we're now seeing our second presidential candidate from the "left" come to the Treasure Valley in under a year.

Just a few months ago, Julian Castro, the first democrat to announce their campaign, stopped by Boise State University. The event which was held in a small ballroom on campus wasn't nearly as big as one headed to Boise next. Former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign have announced they're Boise-bound.

Political affiliation aside, Joe Biden has put in decades of work for our nation and has served a pretty incredible tenure in public service. Having him in Boise is a big deal, even if he weren't running for office once again.

If you want to see Joe Biden speak, unfortunately, it's going to cost you. The event, which will be held on August 6th, is being held at what appears to be a secret location. is going to cost you at least $100 to get into. As a voter, I'm pretty disappointed that this means I definitely won't be attending or hearing what Vice President Biden has to say.

For more on the event and to RSVP, click HERE.

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